Great review at!

Big thanks to Jeff Bogle at – that’s Out With the Kids, by the way- for his thoughtful and glowing review of Coal Train Railroad.  Some of our favorite parts are excerpted here, but by all means go to, bookmark it, and visit often.  It’s a lovely vantage on all things related to kids and culture.  What a tremendous resource for parents and the rest of us who love kid-related things.

“Coal Train Railroad have made the best jazz album for kids that I’ve ever heard.  Katy Bowser’s voice is questionably great and the playing of Chris Donohue, et al. is outstanding throughout the 9 tracks, and with all that their Coal Train Railroad CD has everything you want from a jazz record – it’s snappy, cool and classy.  It also has some characteristics you may not expect from, or generally associate with, a fine jazz album; songs that are funny and charming, and with lyrical content most children will have a context for (juice, bellybuttons, snuggling, nap time, and a budding independence).

Despite coming from an indie rock background, Coal Train Railroad’s debut disc is, in many ways, the album I’ve been waiting for since starting OWTK 3.5 years ago.  It’s a CD I can spin during a dinner party, at nap time, in the car, with or without the kids around, during the girl’s bath time – pretty much at any time of day or night and in anyone’s company.

In other words, it’s versatile and beautiful.  I absolutely love this album.”

We’re so glad.