Newsflash: Kids turned on to jazz.

Read all about it- and perhaps win a free Coal Train Railroad CD!- at Today’s Lessons.  Delightful story and review.  A bit of it, detailing this child who had previously eschewed jazz:

“I listened to the album all alone first, making sure that I wouldn’t be more deeply embedding my children’s disdain. And I fell in love. Katy’s fun and easy style, her sweet and playful lines, the endearing way she addresses such important subjects as mouth noises, belly buttons and fruit juice had me really hoping Baby would like what she heard.

So I loaded up the iPod and one day, as I was taking the kiddoes, both young and older, out to lunch, I played Coal Train Railroad. And I held my breath.


She liked it!

Not only did Baby like it, but 19-year-old Bard liked it, and ten-year-old Sweetheart liked it and 14-year-old Monet liked it. They giggled over “My Mouth and Me,” nodded empathetically to “It’s Hard to Listen” and car-danced to “Just the Juice, Jack.” Katy had done it. She’d redeemed the reputation of jazz in our family.”

We could ask for no more.