Coal Train has reached Australia!

Coal Train Railroad, via the magical means of music, has arrived in Australia!  The marvelous mother’s world Connect to Aussie Mums is featuring Coal Train Railroad and giving away a copy of the CD. So, mums, down there, hop aboard!  And even if you’re not from/in Australia, have a peek- there’s  ton of marvelous information for mothers everywhere.  (They’ve even been known to allow jazz musicians in.)

Here’s what C2M’s Peace says:

This enchanting cd is a collection of catchy tunes with a definite jazz flavour. It’s quite unlike any other children’s cd and I just loved its classy old world charm.

My boys aged 5, 7 & 9 all really enjoyed listening to this cd, particularly my eldest, and they loved trying to guess which instruments they could hear in each track.

My youngest loved ‘My belly button stays the same’ and wanted to know all about belly buttons after hearing it and my middle son, Max, loved the line from ‘I need a nap’ about being as cranky as a crocodile!

This is a fantastic cd and would make a great gift for a whole family to enjoy because grown-ups will love the smooth sounds of Coal Train Railroad as much as kids do!