Podcast #3 – Listening/Tantrums

In the third installment of our Summer 2010 Podcast Series, Chris is distracted by buttons in the studio and has a hard time listening to Katy, who gets impatient with Chris, and all manner of fussiness then ensues.  Fortunately, our hosts work it out in the end after some advice from Billie Holiday (pictured here in 1917) and a couple of pre-school songwriters.  The Coal Train Railroad quartet wraps things up with a live in-studio version of “It’s Hard To Listen”.

Many thanks to our sponsor – the little red-haired fairy at Fairytales Bookstore (www.fairytalesbookstore.com).  Click on the player below to listen or download!

icon for podpress  Episode #3 - Listening/Tantrums (sponsored by Fairytales Bookstore & More [13:51m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download